‘Robot Chicken DC Comics Special II: Villains in Paradise’ — First Look

Yesterday, last year’s Robot Chicken DC Comics Special earned Seth Green an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance (one of the series’ three nods). With a Robot Chicken panel on today’s Comic-Con schedule (Indigo Room at Hilton Bayfront, 3:15 p.m.), it’s the perfect time for Green to give EW the scoop on the sequel – Robot Chicken DC Comics Special II: Villains in Paradise, premiering on Adult Swim in 2014.

Once again, Green and Co. wrote the special in the inspirational DC Entertainment offices, where Green snapped the picture above “as if the villains were breaking in and sneaking around and doing villainous things,” he says. Having served up their best Super Friends jokes and accomplished the feat of giving Aquaman a heroic story line in the first special, they wanted to have more fun with the Legion of Doom in the sequel. It was Green who reminded the room that Lex Luthor (voiced again by Spider-Man 2‘s Alfred Molina) has a daughter in the DC canon. ”The idea of Lex Luthor having a daughter that he’s got to both have a relationship with and discipline is very funny,” he says. Especially if she were to meet Superboy, the hot teen clone of Superman.
“The best part about the DC universe is there’s so many characters and there’s so many stories that have happened over the years, and some of them are just crazy. [DC Entertainment’s Chief Creative Officer] Geoff Johns gave us a fair amount of leeway with the stories that we wanted to tell,” says Green, who’ll once again direct. “It’s gonna become a little bit more of a West Side Story/Romeo and Juliet star-crossed love story.”
Steven Tyler sang a song for the first special. Will we hear another love theme? “I will say this: There is a musical number that is a straight-up showstopper,” Green says.

With the script locked, voices now being recorded, and his storyboards taking shape, Green expects to begin shooting in the second week of August — right around the time he starts work on his Fox sitcom, Dads. “It just means my wife will have to be particularly tolerant of how little I’m home.”

By Mandi Bierly

via EW.com

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