Clare’s interview with “What Would Toto Watch?”

Check out Clare’s interview with “What Would Toto Watch?” for her role in the feature film “The Graves“, starring Clare, Jillian Murray, Tony Todd, Bill Moseley & Amanda Wyss.

WWTW Interview: Actress Clare Grant (‘The Graves’)

Clare Grant didn’t use any of her own experiences – or fears – to flavor her performance in the new horror filmThe Graves.”

“I’m actually not the kind of actor that when you do a sad scene I think about something in my personal life,” Grant tells WWTW. “I just try to be as much in the moment as possible.”

“The Graves” casts Grant as one of two sisters out to explore an abandoned mine. What they discover is a town all too eager to draw tourists in … for the kill.

Her character in the film, out now on DVD, fiercely protects her sister while staying a few paces ahead of some town folk hell bent on skewering her.

“I love being an action hero,” she says of the role. “I would love to do more of that … girls should be super tough all the time on film.”

Grant did take a page out of the tough guy handbook to flesh out the part.

“I took a sarcastic approach with her in the beginning of the movie. She’ knows she’s tough, and she wants people to know it,” she says, a similar approach some of her male peers take with their own action personas.

For “The Graves,” Grant got to work with comic publisher turned director Brian Pulido. She also shared a few scenes with the “Candyman” himself, Tony Todd.

“I like watching Tony work,” she says of the actor who plays a twisted reverend in the film. “Every single take he gives you something totally different. He’s always putting layers and subtext into his performance, it helps him build the character. He makes bold, distinct choices every single take. I learned from that.”

Grant previously co-starred in an installment of the “Masters of Horror” series on Showtime, and she considers herself a fan of the genre. But she thinks “The Graves” might be her last shock film for a while.

“I don’t want to be pigeonholed as an actor,” she says. But if she does sign up for another slasher film, she wants to see what it’s like behind the mask.

“I wanna come back as some sadistic killer. I wanna be the villain,” she says.

(Photo: Clare Grant and Patti Tindall star in Lionsgate Home Entertainment’s “The Graves.”)

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