Phantom Halo Wins “Official Selection” at Austin Film Festival

Clare’s movie “Phantom Halo” wins “Official Selection” at the 2014 Austin Film Festival.
Directed by Antonia Bogdanovich, written by Antonia Bogdanovich and Anne Heffron, and starring Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Rebecca Romijn, Luke Kleintank, Sebastian Roché, Tobin Bell & Clare Grant.

A L.A. noir family crime drama, combining indie style with literary intelligence and occasionally comic desperation. Warren Emerson, once a master Shakespearean actor, is now a gambling drunk. Puck-like Samuel enchants crowds of passersby by reciting the Shakespeare monologues his father Warren all but beat into him, while his brother Beckett, a master pickpocket, makes his way through the unsuspecting crowd. When Warren gets in deep with a loan shark, his sons need to find a way to escape, and like Samuel’s beloved, Phantom Halo, they must break free from the mud that traps them.


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