Team Unicorn and Naturalized Citizen Skincare


At  NCSC, they fly their Geek Flag high! The company was founded by a Tolkien loving, Green Ajah wannabe, history nerd, orbiter of the Whedonverse, with no qualms about quoting Obi-Wan to get out of a speeding ticket… who also happens to be a woman (and one of my dearest friends of almost 20 years).

I am proud and honored to have the chance for Team Unicorn to team up with NCSC to bring you the Unicorn Kisses Giftset, a combo of four tinted lip balms, with four unique and shimmery color combinations, each named after a member of Team Unicorn (In tubes made of 100% post consumer recycled material, because unicorns love the Earth!).

30% of online sales of the giftset will go to benefit the ASPCA, a charity loved by geek guys and gals alike.

Clare-Ah Croft- Red with golden shimmer

Ghost in the Michele– Burgundy with silver shimmer

Rileah Evenstar- Pink with violet shimmer

Milynn Sedai- Coral with bronze shimmer

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