Team Unicorn brings the bling AND saves the kittens.

All that glitters is not Gold.

Especially these beautiful Team Unicorn inspired sterling silver necklaces.

Teaming up with Rock Love Jewelry,
Team Unicorn is doing their part to save cute cuddly animals,
by adding Unicorn sparklies to your life.
20% of all proceeds go to the ASPCA.

Be proud. Be beautiful. Be geek.

Represent your favorite Unicorn.
Choose which gem to add to your necklace.

Clare = Peridot
Michele = Lolite
Milynn = Rhodalite Garnet
Rileah = Amethyst

Do your part. Save the kittens. Save the puppies. Save your soul.
Buy this necklace.

And because we love you,
below are teaser pics of the new merchandise we are releasing this week for BLACK FRIDAY.


New Posters!
New Tank Tops!
You want it.

Join the team!
Wear the gear.

Photos! Posters! TShirts! Art! Stickers! Buttons! Fake Tattoos!


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