Clare in “Lightmasters”

Near and dear to Clare’s heart is a little project called “Lightmasters” that is written and directed by Kelly Rigg. While the movie is being put together, you can check out this awesome trailer to get you as excited about it as Clare is.

A young girl becomes psychic to fight the forces of evil in this 2012 sci-fi-action-flick cross between “The Matrix” & “Indiana Jones.”

Reagan, a 16-year-old gamer girl likes to crack codes in her psychic training video games. One day, while playing, she is invited to an unknown level by an unidentified user. There she learns that her ordinary world is not what it seems; in fact, the real world is in the middle of a psychic war: Light Masters vs. Dark Masters.

She must join a group of initiates called the Resistance in order to stop the Dark Masters and their evil allies from keeping the world in darkness under control of the fear virus. But, her time is running out! The clock is ticking; she has two hours left to activate the cosmic download of 2012 and save the world. Who will win? Join The Light Masters! See the movie in 2012.


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