New project! Light Masters

Join Clare Grant as she tries to save the world. It could happen. Actually, it would totally happen.

Light Masters is feature film, written by Kelly Rigg that is currently in the process of raising funds to get developed. The following pitch trailer (starring Clare Grant, Seth Green & Teresa Decher) is proof that this movie will be awesome. Enjoy!

A Madflicker Production

The forces of Evil have infected humanity with the fear virus, making us believe we are separate and alone. A savior has been born, she alone has the ability to crack the ancient code to start the cosmic download of the next level of consciousness. Her time is running out because the download is only possible when our Earth and Sun are in direct alignment with the Milky Way. This alignment only occurs every 26,000 years and will be perfect on the winter solstice, December 21st, 2012. If our young hero fails, humanity will fall further into darkness for eternity. Who will win? Join the Light.

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